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The Business Diaries Podcast Episode 23 Paul Cheese

November 1, 2021

Show notes

Did you know that the sound of Kent is D Major? In this month’s Business Diaries Podcast, Paul Cheese shares his fascination with sounds, particularly the everyday sounds around us. We find out why dropping a skip in a car park made as much of an impression as oystercatchers in Ipswich, fountains in Sheffield and kicking the bar in Aberystwyth.

Paul is a professional musician, sound artist, producer, singer, cyclist, songwriter. His latest project is TheBigREcordUK He cycled around 5000 miles to every region of the UK to capture the sounds of people & places, then used these to create a new song, The Sound Of The UK.


As well as creating the opening titles music for the Business Diaries Podcast, he has written and recorded music in locations all over the world. From the tops of mountains to deep underground, old places, new places and even underwater, from pillar boxes to ice caves, the Australian bush to the Grand Canyon… 

Paul can be found

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