The Business Diaries Podcast

The Business Diaries Episode 18 Phil Wilson

June 1, 2021

Phil Wilson is a professional musician and founder of Inspirational Rhythms at the Medway Drum Studio. He has travelled all over the world with a variety of artistes both known and unknown, and more recently as a percussionist, rhythm event facilitator and professional public speaker. However, it hasn't all been plain sailing! In this inspiring episode Phil candidly shares how a traumatic event in early childhood caused him to stammer which continued well into adulthood. He describes how he coped at school, as a musician and building a business. Until a networking event more recently, prompted him to decide enough was enough. The stammer had to go. This episode is full of hope, courage and reminds us that ‘it’s never too late’.

Phil Wilson can be found and on Twitter at @PipDrums


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