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The Business Diaries Episode 15 Nick Inge

March 1, 2021

Nick Inge is a former member of Kent Police, specialising in serious crime and counter-terrorism policing which involved working alongside MI5, MI6 as well as the National Crime Agency. He was responsible for managing informants that were pivotal to high-profile operations tackling terrorism, domestic extremism, serious crime and corruption. Since retiring in 2019, Nick founded and is CEO of specialist whistleblowing consultancy, iTrust Assurance Ltd and is co-founder of WorldlyWise CIC which advises young people as they enter adulthood. Nick has written two books - ‘Exposing the Truth – Whistleblowing Uncovered’ and ‘Jeopardy’.  In this episode, Nick shares a story behind his motto, “You never know” and why you should be open to opportunities and enjoy your business journey. In our discussion, we discuss the value of speaking up and telling the truth safely in all levels of business, how to to build a reputation in a new sector and attitudes to risk. Nick can be found at

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